She has an immensely beautiful soul

Blindly oblivious to this fact she remains

She is destined for great heights

Glued and bent to the earth her head slants

She has a gorgeous pearly smile

Gotta dive deep into her soul to mine it out

She is bright sunshine and yellow flowers,

She has so much to live for!

Why doesn’t she want to live anymore?


This society is a sham of high standards

It is based on perfectness and material possessions

It dragged her down and made her forget

All she had to live for and all she could do

She’s so remarkable but the world tells her otherwise

She forgets just how beautiful of a soul she possesses

She doesn’t realize how crucial and precious her life really is

She still has so much to give!

Why doesn’t she want to live anymore?


She’s a beautiful soul

And yet she does not know

People brought her down to her lowest of lows

They ridiculed her and made her relive every flaw

The fluff on her stomach, the jiggle of her thighs, the pimple on her nose

She hated herself and most everyone around her

She thought she had no one to care and no one to see

Just how wrong things were and how close to the edge she was

She doesn’t want to live anymore


Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we let other people’s thoughts and wants supersede our own?

She should feel beautiful and perfect just the way she is.

She should know love and kind words

Not hate and harsh slurs

We should teach each other how beautiful we really are

Not pick each other apart because of every flaw

She finally had had enough and she took all those pills

Then her life slipped away and the beautiful soul was gone


Her mother found her passed out on the floor

No amount of pained screaming would return life to her limp body

In the end, it was the end of a life short-lived

The service was large, filled with her classmates and friends

People that loved her and yet they never could see

The giant signs that were always hiding in plain sight

The scars on her wrists, the haunted fake smiles

The tears behind her wire rimmed glasses when no one was looking

She was in existence but didn’t want to live anymore


Now she lies in the grave

Serenely beautiful in white

She’ll never see the light

She won’t relish the soft breeze

She could have lived a long and prosperous life

But instead she was pushed too far

A ghost of what she used to be

A ghost of the future she could have had

She left, felt she had nothing to live for


She was a beautiful soul

And yet she did not know

How beautiful she was and how far she could have gone.

She was brilliant and shone brighter than any star

But now the world will never know

How beautiful of a soul she really was.

YOU are beautiful

You have so much more to live for

Do not give up on yourself.

Do not lose your will to live, for yourself, first.

Choose yourself.